We Now Carry Meditub!

We are pleased to announce that we now carry Meditub!

Meditub is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of walk-in bathtubs and eldery care products in North America. Their highly knowledgeable team of craftsmen and engineers  works hard on researching and developing products for aging adults and people with limited mobility. All Meditub products are manufactured in the United States. Come in to our showroom and check one out today!

Our Mission Statement

Founders of Meditub Inc., discovered that each year, thousands of older adults suffer from injuries caused by bathroom falls. Seniors and people with limited mobility are unable to enjoy the comfort of independent bathing because of the short supply of assisted-living products on the market. Financial constraints and limited availability of special-needs products force more and more elders out of their homes into senior-care facilities.

Our promise is to supply the market with durable and affordable senior care bathing products, constructed of highest-grade materials, and adhering to standards of safety and operability. Our team works hard on developing and perfecting our products to fit all applications.


Merillat: America’s Cabinetmaker

Orville Merillat built the Merillat Cabinet Company from the ground up. During World War II he enlisted in the Coast Guard as a carpenter and saved almost all those earnings and  was used to start Merillat woodworking.  With help from his wife, Ruth, they started the company in the 1940’s with a drive and enthusiasm to build quality and affordable cabinets. Merillat continues too lead the industry with its “customer first” attitude. Below is a picture of his original kitchen from his personal home, proving that Merillat cabinets are durable and can withstand the test of time.


Oak Revived!

Merillat has introduced new stain colors on oak:  Amaretto, Kona and Pecan.  Taking oak to a new level.  Gone are the days of basic, boring cabinets.  Today’s options allow for an elegant yet functional kitchen; even on a budget.  Oak can be traditional or contemporary; warm and sophisticated.  The raised grain of oak gives texture to any style.



5 new door style options from Merillat!

We are pleased to announce that Merillat has added 5 new door styles to their Classic™ line.


Bayville -A pillow style door with full overlay, which is available in Maple or Cherry.

Cannonsburg – This style has an elegant applied molding style, which is available in Maple or Cherry.

Ralston – A recessed panel door look, which is available in Maple or Cherry.

Fox Harbor and Glen Arbor – Has a clean line look of a solid drawer front style, which is available in Oak.

Bayville       Cannonsburg      Ralston      Fox Harbor      Glen Arbor